Landscape Architecture

Our design process has 3 major steps. The first is the site analysis, second is conceptual planning and third is your final landscape plan. There are other factors that work into this process, however these are the 3 main parts.

Step 1 - Site Analysis
The layout for a landscape is similar to that of your house. Your house has main rooms such as a kitchen, living room, or bedroom. Optional rooms could include storage, office, or garage. The same applies when designing your landscape. It is important to determine the function of each area before laying out the landscape and to analyze how these areas or "rooms" relate to each other.

Every landscape is different, especially here in New England, and most have challenging landforms to work with. In most cases, a topographic survey provides the information we need to present a detailed landscape plan. From this survey, we will make recommendations to prevent or fix drainage problems, locate walls, site a house location, driveway, pool or tennis court, and determine final grades.


Step 2 - Conceptual Planning
At this step, several ideas with various cost impacts are presented to you. We look at your property, analyze the way you use the spaces and create several landscape designs that work specifically to your needs. These ideas are very beneficial in creating the perfect landscape built just for you. Notice how the example plan, on the left, relates to the site analysis drawing above. The "rooms" are moved around the plan to create different landscape opportunities.


Step 3 - The Solution
Once you review all the concepts, we discuss one possible solution. This usually takes best ideas from the concepts presented and combines them into one. This is your final master plan showing landscape areas ("rooms", plant suggestions, final grades, etc.) Our crews can take this plan and begin construction. Sometimes, final material selections will need to be discussed and decided on such as patio materials and final plant selections. These final selections will affect the final cost of the construction project.

If you have any questions about the design process or would like to discuss your project ideas with our landscape architect, feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for reviewing our site